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Staying healthy during the seasonal changes

As the seasons change we need to put in place aids to maintain good health.  For our diets if we can keep our systems free of acidity which means really to have an alkaline balance we may stay free… Continue reading

Yoga = Stirring the Ingredients = Balance

Yoga = Stirring the ingredients = Balance

Recently been wondering about how “easy” it is for yoga practitioners to get off their yogic practice path and fall into illness, sadness and/or depression.  It always surprises me how when someone… Continue reading

Instructions for Isha Kriya

Gift Certificates Available


To order simply telephone: 914/761-5413 or email: jbanjali01@gmail.com

Certificates may include any variation including: Private & Group Yoga Classes, &  Ayurvedic

Treatments.  Check out Pricing on www.Squareup.com (Look for Omlink Yoga Studio)

Purchases can… Continue reading

Omlink Now on Amazon Kindle and Hardcover Book

At Peace in a Quiet Place: Safe Yoga for Beginners – All ages, An Illustrated Guide with Links for Video and Audio