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About Omlink Yoga/Julie Broglin

Julie Broglin is Director of Omlink – The Studio for Yoga Synthesis in Westchester, New York. She is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, a Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher, and holds 500 Hours Master Teacher Status. Currently teaches as adjunct professor (Hatha Yoga – Physical Education Department) SUNY – Purchase College NY[since 2000]. She completed her training in India at The Benares Hindu University, under the guidance of Doctor K.M. Tripathi at Malaviya Bhavan. During 2000- The Late Sri Radha Kant Jha was Yogi-in-residence at Omlink Studio for Six Months. A recipient of The Kripalu Outstanding Service in the field of Yoga Award, June 1999 for her work in developing Diversity Awareness and Training at Kripalu, Julie also served as former editor for the KYTA Bulletin, (Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association). A founder of The Sister’s Circle, a support group for women in conjunction with The New York Theological Seminary. In 2001, in Auroville, India, she began an editing project with articles about Yog-Philosopher Sri Aurobindo at The Savitri Bhavan. While at Auroville in 2001 Julie taught Hatha Yoga classes at Pitanga and Lead a Workshop on Yoga Nidra along with the Late Sri Radha Kant Jha. In 2003, Julie studied at the Kailaiyadama Institute For Yoga, in Lonavla, India. In 2004, she completed a Yoga workshop at Sivananda Ashram, Neyyar Dam, Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Julie lead a Yoga Retreat in Hardiwar,  & Delhi, India for the Gupta/Bhansal extended family in 2007.During 2011/2012 Julie completed the Inner Engineering Program at Isha Center, Coimbatore, India.

Julie’s interests have always been to help others to achieve their best, she has through educational venues, as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief for a free newspaper in Brooklyn, and through criminal justice initiatives tried to serve populations that have been neglected. As Julie continued her personal evolution in finding her gifts to share she developed a method of giving that required little evaluation, discussion, criticism or analysis through the Science of Yoga. Through sharing Yoga Julie has found the medium that allows her to create experiences that are fulfilling, that reveal truths for personal discovery and for transformation. Julie has been teaching Yoga for over fourteen years in Westchester and has been practicing for over thirty years. She works to create spiritual adventures that embrace all faiths and creeds and helps to bring inner wisdom for everyday living. She is most proud of her success in helping others bring Divine Energy into their work, relationships and community.

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Julie Broglin is more than my yoga teacher. She is my friend and confident; she has encouraged me to observe my world with a greater sense of clarity and to appreciate the beauty in every day. When I first met Julie almost 3 years ago, I had just been diagnosed with Non-Hodkin’s Lymphoma and was about to begin chemotherapy after having surgery to remove my spleen. I had read that many cancer patients find yoga practice to be mentally and physically helpful. I had no idea how yoga, as presented by Julie, would impact my life. It is fitting that Doing Art Together is honoring Randy and Julie together. I suspect that the relationship between the art and the yoga in their lives is one that is symbiotic. Surely the many lives they’ve both touched have been enhanced by their commitment to encourage individual expression of ideas through artistic and personal endeavors.

Yoga with Julie

By Luann Jacobs

I first met Julie four years ago at a point in my life when without fully knowing it I was ready to change. I was writing my first novel and I had waded into waters far deeper than I had anticipated setting the characters within me free to run riot across the landscape of rural Illinois. A beautiful young woman I know asked me to go with her to the New York Sports Club one evening for a yoga class. She was a little too shy to go by herself. I said I would love to go and we went. The space at the New York Sports Club was not inviting. We had to walk through a large room of machines, blaring televisions, and panting people to get to the yoga room. Mirrors lined two sides of the room. Music from the weight room pulsed through the wall. Once inside the room, Julie greeted us. Julie was not what I expected the yoga teacher to be. I expected a small, taut white woman in a leotard. Julie was a solid almond-skinned woman in those Indian clothes that look like graceful pajamas. Her hair was closely cropped against her head and her head seemed to ride on her shoulders like an honored guest. Her eyes were remarkably bright. She seemed in all ways the antithesis of the space around her and yet she seemed quite at home, in possession of herself, not oblivious to the space and the noise, simply present and at ease within it. She had the most lovely laugh. I found her instantly attractive in a way I have since grown to recognize and trust: she was the unanticipated and yet sought for. I am writing this in retrospect so it is hard to say exactly which moment I knew what, and unconscious knowing always proceeds conscious knowing, sometimes by years, but something within me understood and delighted in the fact that this woman was simultaneously a surprise and exactly who I most wanted her to be. That is really the entire story of my friendship with Julie. She continues to surprise and delight me in this exact way: she is unexpectedly ready with the next good thing. Practicing yoga with Julie-in a few short weeks I had followed her home from the New York Sports Club to her yoga studio in Harrison-has helped me uncover the unexpected but delightful and sought after within myself. Julie has found what is ever-present within herself waiting patiently to be discovered and explored and she has continued to explore it. The rest of what she does-teaching yoga, creating spaces of profound serenity and dignity, traveling and transcending the chasms between different cultures–is an extension of the work she has done within herself through her yoga practice. Julie has access to a great deal of energy. One last picture of Julie: my favorite. Towards the end of our practice together Julie will say, Spinal twist, and off we go into our spinal twists. But as I turn my head following my finger tips I stop for the length of a breath just to see her, spine straight, shoulders relaxed, the crown of her head reaching tall and I am grateful to be there beside her.