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Staying healthy during the seasonal changes

As the seasons change we need to put in place aids to maintain good health.  For our diets if we can keep our systems free of acidity which means really to have an alkaline balance we may stay free of colds and other illnesses.  Do you find yourself catching colds easily and/or frequently?  Do you notice that your tongue has a grayish coating? Do you notice that you have to urinate frequently? Oftentimes when we do not have the right mineral balance we cannot hold water in our system and we might easily change that by taking Himalayan salts once in the morning and once in the evening.  Himalayan salt crystals have about 108 minerals and the table salt only has 3.  One can take a half teaspoon in warm water and drink a glassful or my preferred way is to use the Himalayan salt crystals that come in a chunk size.  I keep the chunks in a glass jar with water and keep refilling.  I use it to cook with so that I am getting it throughout the day.  This ensures that the water that I drink goes fully into hydrating my cells instead of filling the toilet.  I see many who are athletic who are walking or jogging always carrying water bottles and visiting the bathroom regularly and I wonder why they invest so much for the toilet!   Next do you notice that you are craving sugary, salty and fatty foods regularly…these are telltale signs that our systems are acidic.  Also those who have a high meat/flesh diet often promote acidosis.  There is a cycle when sugar is craved next salt is craved, notice this cycle and know you may put a stop to it easily to prevent your immune system from being depleted and unable to fight off colds, flu and viruses.  When we are ready to break the cycle we can take alkaline foods and juices such as green juices.  Green juices and foods for example are:  kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger, that we may add carrot and a little apple.  Also wheatgrass juice is so packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and most importantly chlorophyll  that builds our cells to its strongest.  For those who are not vegan, meaning they take dairy and meats, try during this time to limit both dairy and meats and stay with more green vegetables and fruits.  Grapes, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, cranberries, oranges, kiwis are some of the best choices for boosting the immune system and staying balanced.  Do look for my earlier posts about Apple cider vinegar (ACV) (look for September 1st post) and I recommend Bragg products only as they are organic and the highest quality made for this kind of health regimen.  I take 3 tablespoons in warm water along with a half teaspoon of turmeric powder every morning.  This ACV regimen is one of the best ways to make sure we can stay healthy and balanced.  For those new to this I recommend that you take one teaspoon at first to get use to the taste, in 8 ounces of warm water and you could choose to cut that with grapefruit juice to help get used to the taste.  Also some may choose to add agave for a sweetener that doesn’t have the calories of honey.  Honey does have excellent healing properties if it is truly organic and raw, which means you probably won’t find it in the supermarket chains but in a health food store or farmer’s market.  As I am staying with the vegan routine I am only keeping the raw organic expensive honey for emergencies like sore throat.  Being considerate of the bees is another gentler way to co-exist, as the bee population has been plagued by human ingestion.  We have so many other natural plant-based sweeteners like agave and stevia and also moving away from the sweet craving is what the whole post is about to prevent acidity.  When we decide to face our health and make decisions to eat for our health then we can make choices that are flavorful without damaging our systems.  The ACV regimen keeps our kidneys working to optimal levels flushing out toxins so they don’t fester into illness.  Do review the earlier posts about ACV and try to use only the Bragg product.  They have a great website that is packed with volumes of information about health, recipes, inspirational articles.  I often order my products from their website as they have sales regularly.  Do know that ACV is a very inexpensive item in most  stores and one of the best values for a healthy item for your home and body.  Stay well and share this with your friends and family….if we all are healthy there will be less germs spreading!!!! Namaste